Directions For Overwintering Your Plants

1. If your tree has just arrived, plant you tree ASAP so that the roots are protected in the warm ground. If you cannot plant right away be sure to give your tree a thorough drink. Protect your tree by placing it in a garage or she. Alternatively you can wrap the roots with a blanket or burlap until you are ready to plant.

2. With newly planted trees continue watering until your tree is completely dormant. If you have an evergreen tree continue watering throughout the winter especially on sunny, windy days and before cold snaps.

3. Once dormant apply a thick layer of leaves, straw or mulch around the tree to help keep soil temperatures even and protect the roots.

*For freeze tolerant but sensitive plants, throwing a sheet over the plant on freezing nights can protect it from damage.

*Containerized plants should be protected by moving into a shed or garage as the roots are exposed to direct cold temps versus plants in the ground.

For information on protecting your tree in winter view this link: