We suggest following our watering schedule below:

Watering Instructions

When watering do not use any attachments on your hose. Always water at the base of the plant.  Do not rely on your irrigation system to establish plants.

Watering Schedule

Week 1 - Water 5-10 minutes everyday.
Week 2 - Water 5-10 minutes 4 times per week.
Week 3 - Water 5-10 minutes 3 times per week.
Week 4 - Water 5-10 minutes as needed depending on the weather.

*If plant is wilting, continue to water multiple times per day until wilt is gone.

There is not a specific amount of water that we recommend to any customers. How much water a plant will need depends on the environmental conditions like sunlight, soil temperatures, winds, growing zone, etc. One of the best methods is sticking your finger about 1-2 inches deep. If it feels dry then you will want to water if not you will want to hold off on watering.

In the beginning if you have an irrigation system still water by hand until the plant becomes established.  

When plants are in container they will dry out daily.  Watering daily until planted is recommended especially during the summer months.